Arianyi Guerrero - Awarded TWO Scholarships for Culinary ARTS!

 We are so excited as this is the very first win for our Culinary Arts Program at the Annual Preliminary Cooking Competition provided by our partnership with the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).  
Students from different High Schools in New York City come together to prepare recipes and knife cuts, judged by prestigious chefs. Arianyi competed last year, and she came back during a global pandemic with a vengeance.
Despite the challenges, we came together, and we are so happy with the results. We look forward to many more wins. Thank you for your support.
See C-CAP's message below:
Arianyi, we are very excited to share that your recipe entry has been chosen by Ghetto Gastro as the first place submission in the C-CAP and Ghetto Gastro “Food for the Soul” Recipe Contest! Congratulations, and excellent work on creating an originally recipe that showcased your unique appreciation of food and the role it plays in your life and culture. We will be sharing your recipe and the photo that you took on our Instagram page (@ccapinc) on Friday, November 27th, as well as on C-CAP’s website ( As the first place entry, you will also receive the air fryer that inspired your recipe, and your teacher and school will each receive the appliance as well.